Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

Coast Entertainment recognises that the success and long term viability of its business is intrinsically linked to sustainable, socially conscious and environmentally responsible practices and the successful management of risks and opportunities across these key areas.  This is achieved through the Group’s adoption of a robust risk management and governance framework from the front line team members, through all levels of management to the Board.

Our ESG focus in recent years has been on the health and safety of our staff and guests, publicly stating our commitment to entrench global best practice safety standards in our Australian theme parks and attractions business.  On 31 August 2022, Coast Entertainment was granted the first Major Amusement Park Licenses in Queensland by Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ) in respect of its Dreamworld and Whitewater World theme parks under the Queensland Government’s new major amusement park safety regulations.   The granting of these licences represents the culmination of several years of extensive work by the business, in consultation with the regulator, demonstrating a robust safety case for both amusement parks that provides a holistic framework for the management of health and safety.

Coast Entertainment also recognises the importance of other key components of the ESG landscape relevant to its business and the opportunities that arise from them, including diversity and inclusion for staff and guests, the acknowledgement of first nations people, ethical procurement practices, community engagement and support, animal welfare and environmental factors.  The theme parks business continues to assess alternative energy sources.  

Please  click here  to see our ESG related policies and governance documents and  click here  to see our commitment to safety at our theme parks.