Our People

Our team members are integral to the success of our business and they lead the way by providing our customers with operational excellence, great customer service and authentic engagement.

To ensure that we attract, retain and develop our People, Coast Entertainment’s people and culture strategy aims to partner with individual business units by supporting, coaching and delivering key operational objectives to our most important resource – our People.

This is achieved by actively leading the business in design, measurement and evaluation of workplace practices that attract and retain talent, and develop talent within our people, to ensure their skills are enhanced, careers maximised and high performance is rewarded and recognised.


Coast Entertainment is committed to maintaining a diverse workforce, where team members can enhance their skills and thrive in a supportive environment.

There is a strong recognition that the diversity of our team is integral to the success of our customer experience, and as such, we have a focus on ensuring equitable and fair practices for all of our team members.

This is maintained through a number of policies and practices across Coast Entertainment's divisions, with key focuses on:

  • workforce flexibility;
  • equal employment opportunities;
  • collaboration and awareness of diversity;
  • indigenous employment strategy; and
  • our commitment to increase diversity levels within leadership.